Foundation – My Mary Kay Monday

Foundation – My Mary Kay Monday

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This week My Mary Kay Monday is all about foundation! I am in LOVE with the foundation I received from my friend Heather when picking out my initial kit, which is why it’s today’s My Mary Kay Monday pick!


My Mary Kay Foundation


About the Product (From Mary Kay’s website): Infused with vitamin E and a blend of peptides, the result is skin that instantly looks firmer, younger and healthier. It’s the perfect age-fighting foundation for normal to dry skin, visibly reducing the appearance of pores, fine lines, wrinkles and skin imperfections for skin that looks luminous, radiant and immediately brightened as skin texture appears visibly improved.

Price: $20 for the 1 fl. oz. bottle – This actually lasted me a lot longer than I expected. I noticed early on that I got more coverage than what I was using prior. I can confidently say that this bottle lasted me 6 months with me using it almost every single day! Let’s be honest, there were definitely a few Saturday/Sunday’s I didn’t put on a drop of make up! ;)

My Overall Thoughts: When Heather and I first sat down to pick out my make up products, we reviewed both the Matte and Luminous TimeWise® Foundation options. Together we selected the TimeWise Luminous-Wear® Liquid Foundation in Ivory 6 and I seriously could not have been happier. As I noted above, I really saw a lot of coverage with the luminous foundation. Plus, it’s got this glow to it that definitely gives me that dewy makeup glow. On days where I’m not really feeling that dewy look, I simply take my pressed powder and lightly dust after I’ve applied my foundation. Instantly decreasing the dewy look, but still giving me the coverage and glow! Like I said, I couldn’t have been happier with this foundation. If you’re looking for an even more matte look, then I highly suggest trying the Matte-wear collection. It’s got all the same benefits, such as vitamin E, however, it just provides a different finish! The most important thing, here? I definitely recommend sitting down with a representative to pick out your color if you’ve never selected either of these products before. It’s worth it to have them utilize their knowledge and skills in color matching rather than trying to guess online.

To purchase, contact a Mary Kay representative today, or you can shop online at Don’t have a representative already? Then, feel free to contact my dear friend Heather on her page here.

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My Mary Kay Monday – TimeWise Body™ Targeted-Action® Toning Lotion

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With Summer basically here, this week’s Mary Kay Monday is focused on a product that’s for your entire body! Let me introduce you to the Mary Kay TimeWise Body™ Targeted-Action® Toning Lotion.



About the Product (From Mary Kay’s Site):  TimeWise Body™ Targeted-Action® Toning Lotion helps redefine body contours by toning, firming and smoothing your entire shape in just one step. Its skin-loving formula contains six antioxidants, including Acai Berry Extract. The powerful mix of ingredients, including multiple botanicals, targets areas of concern and keeps skin hydrated for up to 24 hours. Maintaining skin hydration is even more important as you age. In addition to improving how soft and smooth skin feels, skin that’s effectively moisturized can actually look smoother, which means the appearance of imperfections can be less noticeable.

Price: $30 for the 8oz jar – A little pricey as compared to some others, however, I feel like I’m getting more out of it than just a regular moisturizer.

My overall thoughts: I’m usually pretty bad about moisturizing. No real reason. I just never feel like taking the extra 5 minutes to slather up with a moisturizer. Haha. With that being said, I do really like the consistency of this formula and have found myself applying it more than others I’ve tried. I just really hate that oily feeling some moisturizers leave behind, you know? This moisturizer absorbs very quick and, although it’s extremely light, it seems to keep my skin hydrated for a full 24 hours. As crazy as it might sound, I can really tell a difference in my skin. Mostly my legs. The small imperfections (dimples, bumps, etc) are definitely minimized and I really can tell my legs are smoother and more even in appearance.

This moisturizer is also unscented, which I love. I wear perfume and sometimes scents just don’t match up. I like that I can wear this every day no matter what perfume I’m putting on that morning!

Remember, you can purchase by contacting any Mary Kay representative or you can shop online at Don’t have a representative already? Then, feel free to contact my dear friend Heather on her page here.

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Featured Product-Honey Body Lotion-Savannah Bee Company

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Savannah Bee Company - Body Lotion

Savannah Bee Company – Honey Body Lotion

A few weeks ago Savannah Bee Company came to speak at my local Junior League Annual Meeting. In addition to an incredible presentation, complete with a display full of real bees (They couldn’t get out. Promise.), they brought some samples of their body care line. This included my newest obsession – a honey body lotion. Now, Savannah Bee is known for their honey. If you’ve every visited one of their locations you know how good it is, but I really wasn’t in the loop on their new body care products. I was lucky enough to be sitting next to the sample table so, being the product fiend that I am, you know I tried everything they brought! Lotions, body butters, they even had shampoo and conditioner. If I could have washed my hair at the meeting I would have. It smelled amazing.

So let’s talk about today’s featured product – Honey Body Lotion. Honey is known to be a wonderful way to naturally repair and soften skin so it’s only natural that Savannah Bee Company create honey-based products! Their lotion is not only made with real honey, it’s also made with 100% all natural ingredients, contains no parabens or petroleum, and is never tested on animals. It’s also made in the USA so that’s always a bonus in my book!

Obviously smell and texture are the most important things in a lotion, and this one gets a thumbs up from me in both! Let’s break it down, shall we?

Smell: For starters, all 4 scents are heavenly. You can’t go wrong. I, personally, am most found of the newest scent, Orange Blossom. I love fresh, clean scents and this one smells like you just peeled an orange right off the tree! It’s just strong enough that you can tell you smell great, but not so overpowering that you would stink out your entire office if applied at your desk. All in all? It’s divine.

Texture: 5 gold stars. Not to thin, not too thick. Absorbs quickly, but still manages to make me feel moisturized. It’s a perfect every day lotion.

My suggestion would be to buy the travel pack for $19. You’ll get a 1.7oz bottle of each of the 4 scents allowing you to try them all. Plus, it’s a great purse size bottle for those of us always on the run!

Ready to buy? You can visit their online store here, or one of their multiple retail locations listed below!

Savannah Bee Company locations:

104 W. Broughton Street, Savannah, GA 31401

1 W. River Street, Savannah, GA 31401

211 Johnny Mercer Blvd., Savannah, GA 31410

216 King Street, Charleston, SC 29401

Happy Shopping,



My Mary Kay Monday

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It’s Mary Kay Monday time again. I just started posting about my new Mary Kay products a few weeks ago in this new series; My Mary Kay Monday. Now, just to clarify, I’m not selling Mary Kay myself. I just happened to purchase a giant kit that has just about everything I could ever want from my dear friend Heather. Haha. So, from week to week I’m featuring a product, or set of products, that I’ve been using!

This week, it’s the TimeWise® Microdermabrasion Set. This duo is something I use once a week, although, it can be used 2-3 times a week. It’s super easy to fit into my day to day routine.

Step 1 is the microdermabrasion refine product. It’s used immediately after washing your face. The easiest thing I’ve found is to keep the refine product in the shower. That way, you’ll just grab it after you’ve washed your face. Makes it a little easier to remember, too. :) This first step is the actual exfoliator. It’s a very, very fine exfoliator, which I love. I have pretty sensitive skin and this has not caused any redness or dryness at all. Like the face wash I talked about last time, it’s lightweight and doesn’t feel like I’m peeling off a lot of skin. The best way to describe it is that it just makes my face feel extra “clean”, if you will.

Step 2 is the microdermabrasion replenish. If you’re doing step 1 in the shower, you’ll want to make sure to wait until your out to use step 2. This step is really meant to sooth and nourish your skin after its been exfoliated. It also makes your skin incredibly soft while preparing your face for the rest of your skin care routine. If you’re using the TimeWise® Miracle Set like I am, this is where you’ll apply your day solution or night solution depending on where you are at in the day. Then, you just finish it with your moisturizer and you’re all set!



The set itself runs for $50 and can be purchased by contacting any Mary Kay representative or you can shop online at Don’t have a representative already? Then, feel free to contact my dear friend Heather on her page here.

Happy Shopping,




My Mary Kay Monday

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In January, I shared with you all that I recently began using Mary Kay’s skincare line. Well, I have enjoyed it so much that I really wanted to break down the products for you all in a new segment I’m calling, “My Mary Kay Monday!”

Today, I’m starting with what I call the “fab 4.” It’s technically referred to as the “TimeWise® Miracle Set” but it’s freaking fabulous, hence why I call it the “fab 4.” :)

Mary Kay Miracle Set $90

My Mary Kay Miracle Set – $90

This is, in it’s simplest form, “the basics”, if you will. It’s your 3-in-1 cleanser (aka face wash), a day solution (w/sunscreen of course), a night solution and an age-fighting moisturizer. All of these are a part of the TimeWise® collection. If you’re new to the product line, or new to skin care in general, like me, this is the place to start! It’s also great if you don’t have a lot of time, like me. My biggest fear was that I was going to buy all this stuff and then not take the time to use it. Well, this set makes it so easy. I promise. Five minutes in the morning and five at night is all you need to help ensure your skin is healthy. Seriously, it’s three steps….

Step 1: The cleanser. You’ll use this first thing in the morning and then again at night to wash your face. The cleanser does three things; it cleanses, it exfoliates and it refreshes. It’s a very light-weight and, although it has exfoliating beads, it’s a very gentle face wash. Great for those of us with sensitive skin.

Step 2: After you cleanse, you’ll either choose the day solution (if it’s in the morning) or the night solution (if it’s night time). Pretty easy right? Haha. The day solution has your sun screen broad spectrum SPF 35. Gotta have that sun screen ladies. The night solution has these amazing little beads of wonderfulness. This is, of course, not the scientific term, but that’s exactly what you will think of when you use it. Seriously. Try it and then tell me you didn’t think they were “little beads of wonderfulness” on your face. Just sayin’.

Step 3: Moisturizer! This may very well be the most important step so don’t skip it! ;) The TimeWise® Age-Fighting Moisturizer helps your skin stay hydrated for up to 10 hours!!

See? That doesn’t sound so bad, right?! 1, 2, 3 and you’re done!

The best part is that Mary Kay has all four products together in one set for $90. It also comes in formulas for either dry to normal skin or combination to oily. I gotta be honest for a second…about a month before my friend Heather started selling Mary Kay, I bought this night-time face moisturizer in a teeny, tiny jar for $55. That’s more than half the price of all four products in the Mary Kay kit. Ugh! I about fell over when Heather showed me this set. If only I could have returned the other jar. Haha. Lesson learned.

For more information on Mary Kay or to purchase the Miracle Set visit Heather’s page here. You can reach out to her directly with questions, set up a consultation and more.

I hope y’all enjoy this new segment. I have plenty more products to share so make sure to check back every Monday for a new “My Mary Kay Monday” segment!

Happy Shopping,


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