Wanee Music Festival

Wanee Music Festival

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Happy Thursday. Many of you may not know this, but I’m actually a huge lover of music. We’re talking all kinds of music too. Country, Rap, Alternative, Jam Band, Pop, Rock, Jazz, Blues, 80′s, etc. My ipod on shuffle can be a truly terrifying experience for those not fully prepared to jump from moe. to Usher to Adele then over to Cyndi Lauper only to end on some fantastic 90′s punk rock. I’m totally that person you see driving down the road, jamming out, singing at the top of their lungs too. I’m sure there have been many a people snap my photo only to share it on their Facebook pages with the caption, “Check out this crazy lady air drumming while in traffic.”

So, you can imagine how stoked I am to be headed to the 2014 Wanee Festival this weekend with my family. And yes, by family I mean my parents. They are totally awesome and I owe my love of music to them. Growing up my dad constantly had Jimi, SRV, Skynyrd, The Allman Brothers, and so on, while my mother played everything from Brooks and Dunn to The Beatles. I took piano and my dad plays guitar so music has just always been a part of my life. I digress though. Back to Wanee.

Packing for music festivals might be my most favorite thing ever. I can live off tank tops, maxi skirts, shorts and flip flops. It’s basically my heaven. Haha. So, what am I taking with me? Well, a lot. Seriously, I suck at packing. Even if it is just tank tops and such, I still pack WAY too much. So, I’ve chosen a few of my favorite items I’m taking with me this weekend to showcase.


This doesn’t even begin to cover it, but these are definitely in the “favorite” category! Let’s check out some detail shots, shall we?

Bella Dahl from J. Paige

Bella Dahl from J. Paige

These light weight shirts are great. I actually own another one that is this gorgeous gray color that I’ll be packing too. It’s in the washing machine as I’m writing this post though, and I didn’t already have a photo of it. ;) Anyway, I just love these shirts. They are super comfy and surprisingly flattering. They don’t make you look pregnant like some baggy style shirts can do. They go great with a cute pair of shorts or some skinny/straight jeans.

Tank tops: Yellow is from Fab'rik & Green from Custard

Tank tops: Yellow is from Fab’rik & Green from Custard

Like I mentioned, tank tops are a must. Especially, with this festival being in Florida. The one on the left is actually this super bright, neon yellow tank I grabbed from Fab’rik’s sale rack a few months ago for like $14. The tank on the right is from Custard. Being a FL girl I just knew I had to own this when I saw it.

I even scored an awesome tank top as recently as last night. Check it out:

Tank ($68) and Bralet ($22) from Fab'rik

Tank ($68) and Bralet ($22) from Fab’rik

The tank is actually made in LA, (love made in the USA stuff) and it goes perfect with this periwinkle bralet. I don’t normally wear the lacy thing under my tanks, but it’s music festival time and hippies don’t judge – they love. It’s also super flipping cute, so why not?!

You know I have to also pack my newest Chaser Tee from J. Paige.

Tee from J. Paige

Tee from J. Paige

Whiskey and Lace? Pretty much sums up my life. SO glad J. Paige carries this brand. Everything is so soft and comfy.

Next up on the “must pack” list? Maxi skirts.

Veronica M maxi's from Custard

Veronica M maxi’s from Custard

Floral maxi from Fab'rik

Floral maxi from Fab’rik

Yes, I am packing all 4 of these. The top three are all Veronica M maxi’s from Custard and you can pretty much bet that there will be some there when you go visit. There are so many colors and patterns too. You are bound to find one you like. The bottom one I just picked up at Fab’rik about a month ago. It’s almost too pretty to wear to the festival, but I don’t care. I love it. Pair any of these with a simple tank top and you are good to go.

Maxi dresses are also a key piece to any festival wardrobe. I mean, it’s one single piece. It doesn’t get any easier to get dressed than this. My favorite that I’m bringing? This Michael Stars from BleuBelle.



Last but not least? Gotta have my denim.

DL1961's from Fab'rik ($168)

DL1961′s from Fab’rik ($168)

Picked up these boyfriend style jeans from Fab’rik last night for 50% off. That’s right people. It was BOGO free denim and I scored big. These will be perfect for when it starts getting a little chilly at night. Just swap out some shorts for these and I’ll be all set to jam out! ;)

Looking back, I’m realizing what a long post this is, so I’m going to not delve into all my accessories I’m taking, except for one…..koozies!!


My fish bowl of koozies

Who doesn’t love a great koozie? I, apparently, love a lot of them. This is my fishbowl of koozies. So now the decision becomes which koozie’s make the cut to Wanee this year….

I’ll be on instagram all weekend, and will be posting lots of great hippie watching, my outfits, etc.

Anyone heading to a festival lately? What are your “must pack” items include?

Happy Shopping,




Fashion Accessory of the Month – Custard Boutique

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Welcome to another new segment here on ShopMySavannah.com! While out shopping last weekend, I came across some awesome new necklaces at Custard Boutique. When thinking about how to best feature them I decided that accessories should have their own spotlight here on the site thus, Fashion Accessory of the Month was born! :)

So without further adieu….

The Necklaces!

The Necklaces!

So here’s the deal. The new line is called Kris Nations and they are all made in the USA! Kris and Kim Nations create these lovely pieces in Halfmoon Bay, CA. Y’all know the only thing I love more than stuff made in Savannah is stuff made in the USA so this entire line is just right up my alley. Not to mention, it’s super cute.

The line consists of state necklaces, zodiac sign necklaces, birthstone necklaces and tiny, adorable state earrings. The pieces are made from recycled brass and 14K gold plating.

Besides the state necklaces, I think my favorite thing are the zodiac sign necklaces. I love the nameplate style they use and adore the somewhat snarky sayings that come along with it. For example, on the Capricorn container it states that Capricorns are, “Stubborn, Materialistic and Domineering”, Leo’s are, “Impatient, Headstrong and Dramatic”, and so on for each sign. It’s hilarious, yet mostly true. Haha. I love a good sense of humor so I really appreciate the fun they have with this collection.


Capricorn, Leo and Pisces containers

So far, I’ve purchase my home state of Florida (Go Gators) and I had to get a zodiac one too. I’m a Capricorn in case you’re curious. I am also embarrassingly stubborn at times. ;) I’m definitely headed back for a birthstone necklace too though. They are so pretty.

Birthstone Collection and State Earrings

Birthstone Collection and State Earrings

These all make excellent presents as well and with Easter, Mother’s Day, Graduation, etc. all approaching, you might want to stop by and take a peak.

Prices are as follows:

State Necklaces: $44

Astrology Necklaces: $46

Birthstone Necklaces: $46

Earrings: $32

If you want to see if your state, sign or birthstone is in stock you can call the ladies at 912.232.4733 too. They might even set one aside for you if you’re nice! ;)

Happy Shopping,



ADA Rock the Runway – Mar 29, 2014 – Savannah Station

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2nd Annual ADA Rock the Runway benefiting the American Diabetes Association


Savannah Station -  601 Cohen St. Savannah, GA 31401


Saturday, March 29

5:30pm – Red Carpet Pre-Party

6:30pm – Cocktails and Hors d’oeuvres

7:30pm – Runway Show


Why not? This is an awesome event people. If you didn’t go last year then you simply can’t miss this year’s show. You’ll feel so left out! ;) In all seriousness though, this is going to be pretty awesome.

The Red Carpet pre-party begins at 5:30pm with an incredible band, fun on the red carpet, and New River Automall will be onsite with their finest luxury brands for you to check out. The fun continues at 6:30pm with cocktails and hors d’oeuvres from Savannah’s best restaurants and beverage distributors before sitting down for the main event-the Runway show featuring Junk 2 Funk designers and Savannah and Hilton Head’s most fabulous boutiques. This year’s theme is “Flower Bomb: Reawaken Your Senses” so you can expect to see some incredible spring fashions along with beautiful gardenscapes and art installations throughout the event. Did I mention there are incredible swag bags? I mean, who doesn’t love a good swag bag?!


Tickets can be purchased at www.ADARockTheRunway.com/tickets.

Regular Admission $45 ($30 of which is tax deductible)

Student w/ ID $25 ($10 of which is tax deductible)


Website: www.ADARockTheRunway.com

Facebook: Facebook.com/ADARockTheRunway

Instagram: @ADARockTheRunway

Twitter: @ADARockIt


2014 Savannah St. Patrick’s Day Outfits

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day Weekend!!! Each year, Savannah turns green and that includes pretty much everything in all the stores! Savannah has long since been one of the greatest places to visit for St. Patrick’s Day fun. National Geographic even says we’re in the “Top Ten Grand St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations” list!  The city seriously loves this holiday and all the incredible traditions that go along with it. If you haven’t been, I suggest you come check it out. It’s not too late for this year either. You might pay a bit more for a room, but it’s worth it.

Now on to the really important part of St. Patrick’s Day, right? What are you going to wear? For the last several years I’ve had the fun of going around to all my favorite shops and picking out the most adorable St. Patrick’s Day outfit. I usually pick out something for work and then something for parade day. Well, this year is a bit different. This year, I’m actually in the parade!! The hotel group I work for, www.StayinSavannah.com, has a float and yours truly gets to be on it. So you may be wondering why that means I can’t pick out an outfit. Well, let me just tell you….it’s because our theme is 80′s and I will be rocking our awesome 80′s outfits we got from work! Oh yea. It’s 80′s time. We’re talking neon, leg warmers, jelly bracelets, the works. So, if you’re in town, just be prepared for our float. It’s going to be awesome.

For the rest of you though, I’ve found some pretty adorable things! :) Note: I’ll be updating this post throughout the weekend as I find more stuff too!

CUSTARD BOUTIQUE: 422 Whitaker St.

Custard Boutique: Flats $128

Custard Boutique:
Fish Flats- $128
Tye Dye Maxi skirt $88

Custard Boutique:  Cougar cardi $127 Joy Joy Green Dress $110 Black and white Ada wrap belt $77

Custard Boutique:
Cougar cardi $127
Joy Joy Green Dress $110
Black and white Ada wrap belt $77

Custard Boutique:  Supper Maggie sea serpent tee $36 High Rise Black skinny jeans, level 99, $114 F is for Frank gold fox $121 Custom Made Lucite heels $178

Custard Boutique:
Supper Maggie sea serpent tee $36
High Rise Black skinny jeans, level 99, $114
F is for Frank gold fox $121
Custom Made Lucite heels $178

Custard:  Prices vary! Call (912) 232-4733 for individual pricing!

Prices vary! Call (912) 232-4733 for individual pricing!




Red Clover:
Prices vary. Call (912) 236-4053 for individual pricing.


SATCHEL: 311 W. Broughton St.

Stachel:  Poppy wristlets in rose gold, kiwi, & platinum (with cute contrasting zip) $75 Mini West Messenger in Kiwi $185 Leather Koozies $20 Assorted cuffs: $25 - $50.

Poppy wristlets in rose gold, kiwi, & platinum (with cute contrasting zip) $75
Mini West Messenger in Kiwi $185
Leather Koozies $20
Assorted cuffs: $25 – $50.

ZIA: 325 W. Broughton St.

Zia:  Green Onyx Earrings (upper left) $120 Malachite Earrings (upper right) $89 Green Onyx Necklace (lower left) $149 Raw Emerald Necklace (lower center) $399 Tree of Life Necklace (lower right) $89

Green Onyx Earrings (upper left) $120
Malachite Earrings (upper right) $89
Green Onyx Necklace (lower left) $149
Raw Emerald Necklace (lower center) $399
Tree of Life Necklace (lower right) $89

Don’t forget, I’ll be adding more as things come in so check back throughout the weekend!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Shopping!




Trunk Show @ Fab’rik Savannah

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It’s trunk show time at Fab’rik Savannah! If you’ve never seen Betsy Pittard’s jewelry then you’re in for a real treat. Stop by this Thursday, February 20th from 6pm-8pm to meet the designer and view her designs!

Happy Shopping!



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